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SB Health Consulting is a company specialized in consulting for medical services from A to Z. We, the SBHC team, have always wanted to help people, to listen to them, to be attentive to their needs. The most important responsibility of our profession and of the partner clinics in Turkey is the care for the patient’s life.

In the partner clinics we have the right specialists for an operation of such magnitude, as well as high-performance equipment.
We put all our skill and technology at your service, in order for you to trust us.

Children and families are at the heart of everything we do. We offer compassionate care that supports the child individually as well as the whole family.

Our urology experts approach care with respect and understanding. We offer diagnostic tests, minimally invasive procedures, advanced treatments and ongoing guidance to help you live an active and healthy life.

We offer cardiological care combined with the expertise, innovation and commitment you expect from the best specialists in the field. We provide high quality care so that every patient has a healthy heart.

We have taken the most advanced approach to cancer treatment. Each patient receives high-quality personal care, guaranteed by experienced staff, to make life easier for the patient and his family.

We continuously improve all aspects related to patient’s care, safety and satisfaction. We offer excellent, top-class services so that you can get the look you always dreamed of.

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We are at your disposal for any additional details or questions.