The urology clinic provides services in all sub-fields of urology, especially urological cancers, using high technology and modern medical methods. At Liv Hospital Urology Clinic, special treatment methods are applied for all people, men and women, young and old. In addition to reproductive health, male sexual dysfunctions, aging-related diseases and prostate enlargement are treated and a multidisciplinary health service is provided in cooperation with cardiology and endocrinology specialists when necessary.

Vasectomy, vasovasostomy operations using modern methods and devices are being treated with success and low complication rates, surpassing the standards of our country and the world.

A semi-robotic prostate fusion biopsy device is used to facilitate prostate biopsy and to minimize the possibility of unnecessary biopsy.


Our specialists offer a range of medical and surgical treatment for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, congenital and non-congenital penile curvature and premature ejaculation, in addition to diagnosis and treatment for age-related testosterone deficiency. The latest “Penile Shock wave Therapy” is also offered in some cases of erectile dysfunction.

We offer the possibility of parenthood to men with some form of reproductive dysfunction (infertility, varicocele, azoospermia).

One in every five people suffers kidney stones in some stage in their lives. We offer the most advanced treatment to children and to men and women of all ages for the removal of stones in the kidney and urinary tract, ureteroscopy, flexible ureteroscopy, Retrograde Intrarenal surgery and percutaneous surgical methods.

Robotic, laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical methods are used in the treatment of the most common type of cancer in males, prostate cancer.

Enlargement of the prostate is the most common condition experienced by men over the age of 40. We offer conventional forms of surgical treatment as well as advanced technology laser and “Urolift” methods.

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