Plastic Surgery

Looking good and beautiful in every sense is one of the factors that will keep one step ahead in today’s social life. Aesthetic interventions and surgeries involve the desired changes that you perform in the body to look healthier and better. Every person’s body type and structure, expectations and lifestyle are different.

Experts recommend interventions that are appropriate to the person’s needs, skin type and body form with aesthetic interventions by making personalized planning for the ideal result


  • acute burns and burn-related deformities
  • skin lesions, subcutaneous and scarring
  • chronic injuries
  • replanting of amputated limbs
  • plastic nose surgery
  • plastic eyelid surgery
  • correction of prominent ears and other aesthetic problems related to the atrium
  • hair implantation
  • body shaping after obesity
  • surgical aesthetics of the breasts
  • reconstruction

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