Every person who begins his existence in the world is very valuable to us. For this reason, the treatments meeting the needs of everyone, from a baby who opens his eyes to the world to a child preparing to step into puberty.

We offer the best quality in all types of medical services, with the aim of protecting children’s health and raising them as healthier people. We have 24/7 services and regularly perform routine vaccinations for children.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment methods are performed for the needs of all children, from childhood to the age of 18. Patients are carefully evaluated by our members and experienced doctors.

 Our clinic has been specially designed for children and made entertaining to prevent them from experiencing a fear of doctors. A fully equipped breastfeeding room has been prepared to meet the needs of waiting mothers. In case of illness, there is an observation room to keep babies and children under observation and arrange short term treatment.

We place a supreme value on every child, no matter how small. Our expertise covers the entire range of ailments and diseases, from birth to adolescence.


Pediatric endocrinology deals with variations of physical growth and sexual development in childhood, as well as diabetes and other disorder of the endocrine glands.

Pediatric hematology specializes in treating blood disorders in children. This unit treats all kinds of anemia, congenital blood diseases, bone marrow deficiencies, childhood leukemia, bleeding diathesis and other diseases and conditions.

This unit deals with the detection, diagnosis and treatment of infections of the urinary tract, incontinence, stones in the urinary system, vesicoureteral reflux, nephritis and kidney failure in children.

Our pediatric gastroenterologists care for the esophageal and gastrointestinal conditions of children, including dyspepsia , the condition of indigestion that affects children just as much as adults.

Some of the most common conditions that sometimes afflict children are treated in this unit – asthma, allergic rhinitis, newborn broncho-alveolitis and other ailments.

Unlike adults, most heart problems that affect children are congenital heart diseases. While the unit specializes in the detection , diagnosis and treatment of children with congenital and non-congenital heart diseases and conditions, other medical specialities including the Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Center are consulted as required.

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