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Bianca’s experience

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“My name is Bianca and I have a baby girl named Maya who is born prematurely, at 31 weeks. We didn’t notice any problems, but when Maya was about 1 year old we realized that something was wrong because she didn’t walk and didn’t keep her legs straight when she was up, she didn’t have a good balance and needed constant support.

We started going to all the clinics we knew in Belgium, Sweden and Romania, where after a year and a half Maya was diagnosed with CEREBRAL PARESIS.

After finding out this diagnosis, a period of 2 and a half years passed until we managed to find the right clinic and treatment for her. The finding of the clinic is due to the fact that I heard that the treatments in Turkey is very good, which led me to contact them.

I was told what the steps are to reach them and get treatment. I decided to start the treatment of Stem Cell implants, and the good results started to be seen every day. Two days after starting physiotherapy, Maya was able to lift her leg to her nose, which was impossible for her before.

At the moment the results are very visible, Maya does not fall often and has a much better balance.

I want to mention the fact that the hospital has 5-star conditions and very good food, and the staff is very friendly with the patients. For the first time I can say that you enjoy staying in the hospital.

I highly recommend it for any health or aesthetic problem! ”

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